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Forest Spirit Time Lapse

This is a time lapse video of my latest screen print, Forest Spirit. I'm primarily showing the inking as it's typically the most interesting part of my process, while the coloring and separations are simply me making selections with the lasso tool and the sketching is me fumbling around and erasing until I get it right. The full illustration and screen printing combined was about 60 hours of work and this is about a 4 hour time lapse, so this is really a rather small window into that production. Feel free to ask if you have any questions about separations for screen printing or any other part of the process. Music used with permission from mr. Gnome. Find them at mrgnome.com. Find the Forest Spirit screen print at loganschmitt.com/shop. Thanks for watching!

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Kyle T. Webster's Mr. Natural Brush (for the line work)
Kyle T. Webster's Xerox Brush Add Noise 2 (for the shading on the face)
Lasso Tool (for separations)
Fill (for flat color)

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